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Training with the Staneg tennis ball machine allows you to quickly improve your tennis level. Stabilization of your shots allows you to develop cardiologically and make successful strokes in a short time.

Internal Battery:

In the internal battery option, the battery is inside the machine. When you need to charge it, you have to carry the machine to the outlet. Recommended if you have a garage or will buy it for a tennis club. The battery is not lost and does not fall.

Extermal Battery:

In the external battery option, the battery is carried outside like a powerbank. You just carry the battery when you need to charge it. It is easy to use. Recommended if you live in an apartment.

Staneg Pro Tennis Ball Machine

  • 9 different programs

    +2 and -2 spin options

    30-125 with 10 different options km/h speed

    3-4 hours of battery life

    150 ball capacity

    Automatic elevation adjustment

    5-35 degree elevation adjustment

    Remote controller with all functions

    Internal and external battery option

    Possibility to use with AC adapter

    18kg weight

    48x50x55 cm

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